Beware of the Counter Offer

Your Whole Career is at Stake If you have accepted an offer from a new employer and on giving your notice to your present company a Counter Offer is made, you should consider the following: Ask yourself if you were worth “X” dollars yesterday. Why are they suddenly willing to now pay you “Y” dollars today when you were not … Read More


When you do resign from your present employer, be sure to do so in writing, retaining a copy for yourself. This procedure is to protect you in the future because future reference checks could record the separation as mutually beneficial. Also, because our company specializes in recruiting within this industry, please keep our name confidential. We would appreciate not being … Read More

Counter Offer Acceptance: Road to Career Ruin

By Paul Hawkinson Mathew Henry, the 17th-century writer said, “Many a dangerous temptation comes to us in fine gay colours that are but skin deep.” The same can be said for counteroffers, those magnetic enticements designed to lure you back into the nest after you’ve decided it’s time to fly away. The litany of horror stories I have come across … Read More

Resume Template

Name Address Work # / Home # e-mail No Objective Statement — Reason: An “objective statement” provides a screen for HR. Do not be eliminated from opportunities based on a subjective interpretation. Education (Reverse chronology) Institution Degree Dates Employment History Start / End Date with Employer Employer Name All positions held in last 5 years (even if more than one … Read More